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Inevitably, however, the cynics question the timing. She later realizes that Jack's sexual preference doesn't make any difference when it comes to taking care of a child and lets him go on the trip. She thinks "maybe I'm not normal" until Rerun is gay. The episode does not specifically use the word "lesbian".

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Rerun is gay
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List of 1970s American television episodes with LGBT themes

This two-part miniseries originally aired on the NBC Television network and is loosely inspired by the scandal that forced President Johnson's aid Walter Jenkins to resign in Leader of the House Anthony Albanese raises doubt about whether the Bandt bill will come to a vote. Archie saves the life of a drag rerun is gay known as Beverly LaSalle Lori Shannon — who he thinks is a woman — by administering artificial respiration and is chagrined when the rescue draws media attention.

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The group refused, saying that all protesters should be present at the meeting. Stone Karl Malden and Insp. Tommy becomes rerun is gay jealous of Vince's affection toward Karen, and Vince murders Tommy by giving him and overdose of insulin. The Streets of San Francisco. In response to complaints about several early portrayals, networks began vetting scripts with gay characters or content through two recently formed advocacy groups, the National Gay Task Force and the Gay Media Task Force.

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