Pet play erotica fiction

But finally he was there. Learn how your comment data is processed. Privacy Policy Forum Archive. She loved it so much, she immediately repeated the process, this time tossing the rubber cock under the dining room table. Related Articles at Cara Sutra:

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Pet play erotica fiction
Pet play erotica fiction
Pet play erotica fiction

Turned Into A Puppy For His Mistress

His Mistress took one hand in hers, holding it softly for a second, before turning it over, palm up, and curling his fingers up into a fist. He raised his eyes to her in panic, but she merely smiled. Despite how it made him drool, she seemed to really like him in pet play erotica fiction gag, so he was rarely free of it outside of feeding times. Small locks clicked as they closed.

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Pet play erotica fiction
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The weight and size of the plug were constant reminders of being stuffed and as he moved, his tail started to sway back and forth against his thighs. He had to move pet play erotica fiction the table and a chair. He complied, feeling the blush of his nakedness and her clear control, not to mention the arousal starting to send a tingle, inspiring a growing stiffness.

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